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Approachment (e-proch-ment)n. The art of identifying, prioritizing and proactively engaging and chatting with your website visitors in order to convert them into clients, customers or patients.

Services for Lawyers

legalchatApproachment’s first successes came with attorneys. Tens of thousands of people go online every day to search for a lawyer. We have spent the last several years chatting and talking with thousands of people who visited our clients’ web sites. Here’s what we’ve learned:

  • Most have gone online because they have never needed a lawyer before.
  • Most are a bit frustrated, confused, and a little scared.
  • Chatting with them, providing basic information, and listening to the details of their case, allows our client to qualify leads, before the attorney wastes anytime calling them back.
  • We are able to easily move chat prospects to the phone, whether for a more extensive screening with a Net Rep, or scheduling a call with our client attorney directly.
  • Our leads have generated well over $60 Million in legal fees over the last 10 years.
  • Our service has been equally effective with virtually every type of law practice (medical malpractice, criminal defense, torte lawyers, DUI, Family Law, etc.).

Approachment makes your site stand apart from the rest. Even a small amount of traffic can generate huge returns when you engage us to service the people who visit your firm’s web site. We have NetReps with the experience to not only provide a service to your web visitors, but we also generate extremely qualified leads for your practice.

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Live chat by Boldchat

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