How We Work

What is it?

We Meet Your Customers Where They Are - 24/7

Our proprietary platform lets us monitor and engage with your inbound inquiries – regardless of the channel.

You name it – and we’ve probably supported it.

Web, text, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Instagram messenger, and Twitter messenger are a few of our most popular channels.

Our live team monitors your channels in order to assist, engage, and categorize your inbound inquiries.

When the conversation is done, we let your team know via CRM integration or by emailing you the transcript. 


Learn and Connect to Any Lead Source

We learn about your business, what different conversations we will have with your leads, and what you consider a ‘qualified’ lead. Our engineers will then integrate Approachment into your website, CRM and all your lead sources.

Step 1.


We monitor each of your channels (social DMs, SMS, Web). We work 363 days a year, 24 hours per day.

Step 2.


We prioritize the visitors based on their behavior, and their inquiry. In our experience, most conversations will be the first time this potential customer has spoken to your business, and first impressions matter! Other times, it will be a returning customer who has a question that we can either answer if it is from the FAQs or we can begin a service ticket for the customer for your service team to respond to.


Step 3.


We engage your visitors 24/7 and talk to them live, while they are on your site, in your DMs, or texting you. If it is a new lead, we will convert the qualified leads for you.

Step 4.


We route all inquires to different parts of your organization. For example, we can route customer service inquires to your customer service slack channel and new leads to your CRM.

Step 5.


As well as the routing above we can also send the transcript of the conversation to your email.

Use Cases


Are you advertising on Facebook but too busy to reply to new lead messages? You are losing business.

Facebook Ads can be a great tool to show off your products and services to a large audience. All those eye balls on your ads are useless if you do not have someone to hand-hold your inbound leads and qualify them.

We went one further with a gutter cleaning client and booked new appointments directly on to their your calendar. All without them logging into Facebook.

This saved the client time but importantly increased their qualified appointments from Facebook Ads by 2.4 times.


Yelp is Southern California’s predominant search engine for home services. It can generate many qualified leads for businesses on the platform, especially if they have a built out profile and good reviews. Many businesses see the high quality leads and will advertise on Yelp. 

The problem with Yelp leads is that they are only on the app or website for a brief moment. If you do not reply to their inquiry while they are still in the app or on the website, chances are you have lost that lead and wasted your advertising budget.

Use Approachment to qualify and capture that lead’s contact information within minutes. You will stand out from your competitors with your attentive service and be ready to close the lead.

This is the same solution for many platforms like Angie’s, Homeadvisor etc. Our integrations are always growing and we will love to chat to your about your integration need.


If you are a small team, you are likely wearing many hats and answering the phone is one of them. But what currently happens when you are on a sales meeting or appointment and you can’t answer the phone? 

With approachment, you can have a dedicated SMS number for your clients to text, either put this on your website or in your voicemail and our team will reply to your inbound leads 24/7 when you can’t answer the call. No more worrying about missed business!

Our team can engage with your lead, book an appointment for you, or if it is an existing customer, create a customer support ticket for them.

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