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Approachment (e-proch-ment)n. The art of identifying, prioritizing and proactively engaging and chatting with your website visitors in order to convert them into clients, customers or patients.

Business Chat Transcripts


  • 2:20:17 PM [Connie] How may I help you?
  • 2:20:17 PM [Visitor] who r u
  • 2:20:28 PM [Connie] My name is Connie, and I’m here “live” to assist you.
  • 2:20:33 PM [Connie] I will need to get the year, make, model of the vehicle please.
  • 2:21:51 PM [Visitor] 1983 dodge ram charger motor 318
  • 2:22:01 PM [Connie] What is the mechanical condition, does it run?
  • 2:23:00 PM [Visitor] yes it runs mechanical very very miner
  • 2:23:07 PM [Connie] What condition is the body in?
  • 2:23:24 PM [Visitor] very good
  • 2:23:32 PM [Connie] What is the approximate mileage of the vehicle?
  • 2:24:32 PM [Visitor] 87595 exact
  • 2:24:44 PM [Connie] Transmission, is it automatic or manual?
  • 2:25:09 PM [Visitor] automatic
  • 2:26:17 PM [Connie] Do you have clear title for the vehicle?
  • 2:26:55 PM [Visitor] yes the stikers r new as well
  • 2:27:11 PM [Connie] What is the city, state and zip code where the vehicle is located?
  • 2:27:39 PM [Visitor] houston tx. 77093
  • 2:27:51 PM [Connie] What is the best time for the office to call to give you a quote?
  • 2:28:09 PM [Visitor] rite now
  • 2:28:19 PM [Connie] Would you be so kind to give me your full name, phone number and email address?
  • 2:28:59 PM [Visitor] silvester 281-xxx-xxxx
  • 2:29:36 PM [Connie] I would like to confirm the number please, 281-xxx-xxxx?
  • 2:30:14 PM [Visitor] thats rite
  • 2:30:23 PM [Connie] Thank you so much for giving us the chance to buy your car and have a nice day.
  • 2:30:28 PM [Connie] Goodbye


  • [Kelly] Good afternoon!
  • [Kelly] My name is Kelly, and I’m here “live” to assist you.
  • [Kelly] How may I help you?
  • [Visitor] Hi Kelly, my name is Miranda and I’m looking for a 1BR unit in Maui checking in on 02/28? Do you have wholesale rates?
  • [Kelly] Miranda our office will need to assist with this directly. I am not sure myself. Would you be so kind to give me your full name, phone number and email address? ANd I will have them give you a call and go over pricing and availablility.
  • [Visitor] Sure. Thank you. Miranda and I work for xxx xxx xxx in Deerfield Beach, FL. My email address is My phone number is 954-xxx-xxxx ext xxx. We are a member of C.A.R.E (if that makes a difference).
  • [Kelly] I would like to confirm the number 954-xxx-xxxx?
  • [Visitor] Yes.
  • [Kelly] Great, they will contact you today.
  • [Kelly] Thank you and have a good day
  • [Visitor] Thank you for your assistance & have a wonderful day ­čÖé
  • [Kelly] You too
  • [Kelly] Good bye
  • [Visitor] Good bye


  • [Cherie] Good afternoon!
  • [Cherie] My name is Cherie, and I’m here “live” to assist you.
  • [Cherie] How may I help you?
  • [Visitor] homes in olive branch miss
  • [Cherie] Could you tell me exactly what you are looking for?
  • [Cherie] Br/Ba
  • [Visitor] 3 plus br
  • [Cherie] I would be happy to have an agent put together┬ásome options for you and give you a call with them.
  • [Visitor] ok 901 xxx-xxxx
  • [Cherie] May I get your name and an email please?
  • [Visitor]
  • [Cherie] Ok may I confirm that number as 901-xxx-xxxx?
  • [Visitor] yes and email is
  • [Cherie] When are you looking to move?
  • [Visitor] next 3 months
  • [Cherie] Ok, and will you be selling an existing home?
  • [Visitor] yes, maam
  • [Cherie] Will you be looking to finance the property?
  • [Visitor] yes
  • [Cherie] Ok great, you should hear from an agent very soon
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