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Approachment (e-proch-ment)n. The art of identifying, prioritizing and proactively engaging and chatting with your website visitors in order to convert them into clients, customers or patients.

approachmentphoto17About Us

Approachment’s founders patented a chat tool and began chatting with surfers on business sites in 1996…a little ahead of our time. Since then, the web has matured significantly. Broadband and better processors have allowed for more applications to run simultaneously, and web users have embraced chat wholeheartedly.

For over a decade, Approachment has been engaging web visitors on our clients’ web sites. Our “Net Reps” spent over a year chatting with people on all types of sites in an effort to determine the profitability of providing one-on-one human interaction.

approachmentphoto16By the end of that first year, it became apparent that live chat was highly profitable for a select group of clients such as:

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Business to Business Sales
  • High End Service Providers
  • Some High Ticket “Retail”
  • Local Construction Companies

We have a virtual call center of highly trained Net Reps who chat with our clients’ web visitors every day. Approachment’s staff has chatted with more than 1 million people on hundreds of our client’s websites.

We are most proud of the fact that over the past 20 years, the leads that we generated online have made tens of millions of dollars in income for our clients.

Live chat by BoldChat
Live chat by Boldchat

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