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Approachment (e-proch-ment)n. The art of identifying, prioritizing and proactively engaging and chatting with your website visitors in order to convert them into clients, customers or patients.

Online Client Acquisition 24/7

approachmentphoto13Welcome to Approachment. We provide customized, real-time customer, client or patient acquisition on your website to the legal and medical professions as well as leading-edge business services… In other words, we get you more customers or clients directly from your website in real-time.

  • We offer an invitation to every website visitor on your website.
  • When they accept our invitation, we chat with them on your site until they ask us a question. We then tell the web visitor that we have just the person in our office to answer that question, collect their information and send a verbatim transcript of our chat with your new “lead” directly to your office within 5 minutes of finishing the chat (see Real Chats). We do not answer any medical, legal or business questions on your website. Our job is to collect the information or generate the lead before your visitor leaves your site for any number of reasons. We turn your passive website into a Live experience in order to generate more revenue from your site.
  • You then can contact your new client or patient and know what they are interested in before you or your staff returns their call.

approachmentphoto14The frustrating thing about web marketing is the math. You can write and rewrite your web site, spend several months or even years adding new content, and you can buy thousands of clicks from Google or Yahoo and even optimize your website. In the end you’re left with the math of traffic and conversion rates, and seldom know much about the people who visit your web site and buy your products or services.

These days you can buy a domain name for a few dollars, build a web site for a few hundred dollars, and buy as much traffic as your resources allow.

approachmentphoto15The ultimate success of all web and real world enterprises is based on your ability to attract and keep customers. While the web makes customer acquisition more affordable, it also makes it more difficult than ever to get to know the people who buy your products or services. That knowledge can hone your marketing message, increase sales, and control costs.

Our Approachment service is simple in concept. Our “NetReps” approach the people who visit your web site. We pop a simple chat window up once they have been on your site for a few minutes, and we ask if we can help them find something, or answer any questions.

This simple customer service is available in virtually every real-world store. After over two decades of providing it online, we’ve learned how to grow web site traffic, increase web sales, earn repeat customers, and generate leads or new patients.

It’s not a revolutionary concept now, but it was when we started. We chat with the visitors to your website. The service we offer, and the information we gather, will make your web business more profitable and we’ve been making our clients more profitable for over 20 years.