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Approachment (e-proch-ment)n. The art of identifying, prioritizing and proactively engaging and chatting with your website visitors in order to convert them into clients, customers or patients.

How We Work


Web software, servers, and bandwidth have conspired over the last several years to make it remarkably easy for us to monitor multiple client web sites, and chat with their visitors. We install a simple piece of software on your web site. It is solid state, proven through hundreds of millions of chat sessions, and we have yet to find a web site that we can’t attach it to. We need very limited access to install, and there are no ongoing maintenance requirements.


If you become a client, we will spend a few weeks learning about your particular business, and train our Net Reps to essentially be your web receptionists.

When a web visitor visits your website, our Net reps can see them in real time. They will initiate a chat window and simply offer their assistance.

We provide basic customer service, answer questions, and learn a great deal about the people we are chatting with. The ultimate goal is to qualify a lead that is then handed over to the client. Every customer interaction is unique, and every client tells us the information they need us to gather. Approachment is successful because we understand how and when to ask for their contact information. The vast majority of the time, that means we get our client on the phone with the prospective client or patient.


The fee for our services is based on the amount of traffic and the hours of coverage you would want for your web site. Thankfully, both of these are flexible. However, most of our clients employ our services from 9AM until 10PM Monday through Friday.

We work with every client to create an affordable launch, with a relatively short commitment, in order to prove that Approachment works. Once we have proven the concept on your web site, we come to a financial agreement and scale the operation in order to approach as many people, and at whatever hours, to which you direct us.

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